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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

How To Create a Blog - Free Website Training

Learn this tutorial how to create a blog free website training. There are many online creating web site ways available on internet. This website training for every newbies peoples. I will tell in this tutorial step by step. Every peoples wants create a free website & blog. Its possible for every peoples. If you will become a good web master and great web designer But you are not good webmaster when you will become a master of search engine optimization (S.E.O). Now we learn the free web site training.

Free Website Training

Now a days in 2014 many ways of create a free blog and web site. Today i will tell every method for creating a web site or blog. First of all i am telling you two way for create a web site or blog. First one is and second one is or org. If you want to create free blog so you can join the or I am suggest of every newbies. Don't waste your time on making blogs because thousands people don't enter in blogs. But i am telling you how to make a blog. I will tell you how to create a blog then make a web site in content management system (CMS).

Two Easy Way of Create a blog & WebSite


               is a very easy and simple way of  making a blog. Blogger is a big platform of Google. Google is allowed for every peoples every newbies join this google platform and build a free blog in If you want to convert into site like So you can do this activity. All templates of blogger is totaly free avalabile on internet. If you want to use free or top 5 seo friendly templates so download now.


                           is a open source and creating blogging tool or cms stand for content management system.system. Wordpress based on msq and php. In which every web designer and any peoples run on a web site.First you will buy a domain name or hosting for own web site. wordpress used for more then top of many site as august in 2013. Wordpress is a most common and popular for blogging system in used for websites. At many more then sites in 60 millions web in wordpress. In which use many more plugins for control of own site. I hope you will understand this tutorial. InshALLAH i will create a video soon this tutorial.


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