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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

How To Learn Hypertext Markup Language | Learn html

Html mean's hypertext markup language. It is basic language for understanding web languages. Html is used for creating web site and pages. And other information is showing on web browser. Most common used for  create basic web structure. Html has many tags and elements. Now we will tell you how to use and learn html language (Hypertext Markup language). Html is web browser language and have many tags. Its written in html tags like this. <h1>--------</h1>. Enter any name between <h1> and </h1> then you will see the browser so this name will be bold.

Html has many tags like heading, paragraph, bold. italic. underline, font, table tags etc. Heading tags is most important tag. Heading tag is written a spellings like h1 is a bold word or h2 some bold last html heading is h6. If you want to more learn html so you will search on internet. I will suggest many sites of learning html. This language is most important for learn every web language. If you want learn php mysql,, java script, jaquery, etc.

You must learn HTML if you want to become a web designer , learning HTML is the first step to become a web designer , is the primary language for web design and web development. And without an adequate knowledge of it , you can not proceed. Needs to be regulated for the first time in all the HTML implementation of the project or a new Web page . Is an integral part in all languages ​​on the Internet and other documents HTML. So in this session will learn the basics of HTML, as well as some elements of the mostly used / tags from HTML. Now let's watch the videos one by one to start

if you want to learn many more language html and every web language.


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