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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Download Auto Hide IP Software Free

Get Auto Hide IP Software Giveaway with key Free. Check out the Auto Hide IP  free download. It is very safe and secure browsing software for net surfing. Your all data can be protect and secure with the help of this software. No body can get any information from your account. Internet security is very risky now a days. But this software solve your all browsing problems. If you want to secure your credit card information. address information, bank accounts information and personal information then use this software and secure your information. It will capture and detect all fake information from your internet. simply choose your country and install. 

Download Auto Hide IP Software Free

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Download Latest SEO Updates 2015 Video Course Urdu/Hindi Free

Download Latest SEO Updates 2015 Video Course Urdu/Hindi Free. Be in touch with the Google’s latest news for seo new techniques. The course here is providing the biggest seo techniques that will mend you seo strategies in a effective seo campaign. Every year there’s a new google algorithm update for seo and who want’s to be updated with the latest search engine optimization seo strategies. The Google loves to be updated and if you use our seo techniques same as provided your site will rank top high.

Search Engine optimization shortly called as “SEO” is now become the very essential part of your blogging homework. Make a blog is now become a fun but every gentleman now accept the importance of “SEO” in search engine ranking to drive organic traffic and customers. You have to take responsibility of best SEO practices every day, every week or once a month. Optimization of your blog and other factors like blog  design, SEO and many other factors will become the essential, serious and necessary work for you to alive in search engine ranking

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How to Make money with YouTube Urdu Video Course

Learn how to Make money with YouTube with Adsense. You can learn how to make a proper planning, find niche, keywords research, create videos, upload them, monetize them and proper seo methods to rank easily on first page of YouTube.First you will rank videos and then you will lot of earn with youtube video ranking and youtube monetization. This course is specially for those who really want to work with simple videos and make a passive income.

Visit must. How to make money with youtube adsense

How to Make money with YouTube Urdu Video Course

Visit and youtube video course

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Download Daily Motion Bot Free

Now a days daily motion is a second big video search engine and dailymotion is introduced a new partnership program. Now i am sharing the daily motion bot free download. Its very easy to use. just you will click on download button then get the bot. Then you will download this daily motion bot so you will put the daily motion video url and then run this software and get views.

Now you will click on download button and get dailymotion bot and get views.

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Friday, 18 July 2014

Free Directory Submission Sites

Free Directory Submission Sites is very important part of search engine optimization. I already many more tutorials published in own blog. Now i am starting working own site after a long time so today i will show you and give you high pr directory submission sites. These sites is a most high pr but when your link is submitted in any directory sites. So all sites is a manually approved by admin of directory sites. Like is biggest directory site if your link will be submit in this sites so google is too much prefer for optimization.Now i am giving you list of dofollow directory submission sites.
Free Directory Submission Sites

Now i am telling you how to submit your site in directory. First of all you will open any one site of directory submission. Now you will watch own site niche then you are select a category for own site.For example your sites niche is SEO (Search engine Optimization). Now you will select a seo releted categories like seo, internet marketing etc. When you are enter category so you will click on submit url. Then fill the forum and click on submit. So your link is pending approved. Its mean first site admin watch a link of your site. Then he will approved or disapproved.

Free Directory Submission Sites is a dofollow and some sites are nofollow but hurriedly approved. I have list of hurriedly approved directory submission sites. I am also working on her sites.

How to submit your site?
First open any site then select your site niche.

Click on category like my site category is seo so click on computer & internet. Then you will watch next page so now you will select again niche.
Free Directory Submission Sites

Now click on search engine optimization and click on submit your link.

Free Directory Submission Sites

Now click on submit link now you will watch the forum.

Free Directory Submission

This is a main part of link submission in free directory submission sites. So first of all click on regular links and fill the complete forum and check on i agree with the submission rules. so click on continue. after click on continue so if your link is successfully submit. So you will watch this notification.

Free Directory Submission Sites

List of Sites
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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

How To Create a Blog - Free Website Training

Learn this tutorial how to create a blog free website training. There are many online creating web site ways available on internet. This website training for every newbies peoples. I will tell in this tutorial step by step. Every peoples wants create a free website & blog. Its possible for every peoples. If you will become a good web master and great web designer But you are not good webmaster when you will become a master of search engine optimization (S.E.O). Now we learn the free web site training.

Free Website Training

Now a days in 2014 many ways of create a free blog and web site. Today i will tell every method for creating a web site or blog. First of all i am telling you two way for create a web site or blog. First one is and second one is or org. If you want to create free blog so you can join the or I am suggest of every newbies. Don't waste your time on making blogs because thousands people don't enter in blogs. But i am telling you how to make a blog. I will tell you how to create a blog then make a web site in content management system (CMS).

Two Easy Way of Create a blog & WebSite


               is a very easy and simple way of  making a blog. Blogger is a big platform of Google. Google is allowed for every peoples every newbies join this google platform and build a free blog in If you want to convert into site like So you can do this activity. All templates of blogger is totaly free avalabile on internet. If you want to use free or top 5 seo friendly templates so download now.


                           is a open source and creating blogging tool or cms stand for content management system.system. Wordpress based on msq and php. In which every web designer and any peoples run on a web site.First you will buy a domain name or hosting for own web site. wordpress used for more then top of many site as august in 2013. Wordpress is a most common and popular for blogging system in used for websites. At many more then sites in 60 millions web in wordpress. In which use many more plugins for control of own site. I hope you will understand this tutorial. InshALLAH i will create a video soon this tutorial.
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Monday, 24 March 2014

Best way to make money - Dailymotion videos

Recently i am shared a tutorial of html. Now we will talk on best way to make money from dailymotion videos. Dailymotion is a video sharing site. Otherwise available thousands of video sharing sites on internet. Dailymotion is a big alternative of youtube. Many peoples earn money from youtube adsense. But many persons faced problems from youtube. So this tutorial from problem faced person. Now i will tell best way to make money trough dailymotion videos.

Make money with dailymotion videos

Difference between Dailymotion  & Youtube?

Youtube is  very faster streaming site. It is most famous video sharing site. And more peoples like YT web site. Youtube is blocked many counties due to anti islamic video content. YT block some muslims countries like pakistan. But hundreds peoples using proxy for opening youtube and other blocked sites in pakistan and other countries. Million peoples converted into, etc. Due to block big youtube (videos sharing) site in pakistan.

Dailymotion is alternative of youtube. Its streaming is low from yt. But mostly peoples leaving the video sharing sites. Daily motion is allowed publisher account for every person. Firstly applying then share videos of dailymotion on web pages and social media sites.

How to work on dailymotion & earn money from videos?

Firstly we will provide a web site with top level domain name. Then apply on dailymotion and approved your application within 24 hours. Now we applying for publisher account. So you will go from daily motion site and scroll down and watch in footer. And click on dailymotion publisher look this image and follow this step or understand.

Earn Money From Dailymotion videos

Now we will go on second page and click on join now. 

Make money from dailymotion

Now click on create account and fill the forum.

Click on create account and next you will see the forum for applying dailymotion publisher account.

Fill this fields and click on next step.

Click on check box and submit or wait for 2 days. I hope you are complete understand. if you have any question of this topic so comment in this post.
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