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Monday, 24 March 2014

Best way to make money - Dailymotion videos

Recently i am shared a tutorial of html. Now we will talk on best way to make money from dailymotion videos. Dailymotion is a video sharing site. Otherwise available thousands of video sharing sites on internet. Dailymotion is a big alternative of youtube. Many peoples earn money from youtube adsense. But many persons faced problems from youtube. So this tutorial from problem faced person. Now i will tell best way to make money trough dailymotion videos.

Make money with dailymotion videos

Difference between Dailymotion  & Youtube?

Youtube is  very faster streaming site. It is most famous video sharing site. And more peoples like YT web site. Youtube is blocked many counties due to anti islamic video content. YT block some muslims countries like pakistan. But hundreds peoples using proxy for opening youtube and other blocked sites in pakistan and other countries. Million peoples converted into, etc. Due to block big youtube (videos sharing) site in pakistan.

Dailymotion is alternative of youtube. Its streaming is low from yt. But mostly peoples leaving the video sharing sites. Daily motion is allowed publisher account for every person. Firstly applying then share videos of dailymotion on web pages and social media sites.

How to work on dailymotion & earn money from videos?

Firstly we will provide a web site with top level domain name. Then apply on dailymotion and approved your application within 24 hours. Now we applying for publisher account. So you will go from daily motion site and scroll down and watch in footer. And click on dailymotion publisher look this image and follow this step or understand.

Earn Money From Dailymotion videos

Now we will go on second page and click on join now. 

Make money from dailymotion

Now click on create account and fill the forum.

Click on create account and next you will see the forum for applying dailymotion publisher account.

Fill this fields and click on next step.

Click on check box and submit or wait for 2 days. I hope you are complete understand. if you have any question of this topic so comment in this post.


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